Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thrusty Thursday: Bradley Cooper

It's almost too easy, isn't it?

The weird thing about Bradley Cooper is that despite being a massive fox, he's not particularly photogenic. I had a tough time finding a picture that did him justice. So if you haven't seen AliasThe Hangover, or the A-Team remake, take my word for it, he looks far thrustier in motion than static.

I had Cooper on the brain, as I'm working on a book with hero who's a bit of an unscrupulous layabout. Since I'm not attracted to Matthew McConaughey, it's been an appreciable relief to have recently discovered Cooper, who I find to be a more palatable flavor off that same sort of duuude menu of actors for casting characters in my head.

I'm busy today and could only bother to do the most cursory research on Cooper, and I must say, laziness aside, there's not much on him…though I do make it a point to avoid the toxic tabloid sites, so perhaps there's juicier stuff to be glommed outside of Wikipedia. The best I've got for you? He's thirty-six and fluent in French. Très bien!

Here's a short and highly unprofessional interview (pardon the stretch, it was that or use an embed with an ad) conducted by Cooper's Hangover co-star Zach Galifianakis. It ends in a slappy-man-bitch-fight, so don't miss that.


  1. Ooooh girl! And I remember him from his days on ALIAS, when he was supposed to be second fiddle to Mr. Michael Vartan (also super hot and my ex imaginary husband. Mr. Coopers hotness is undeniable. I don't even know what he is saying in this video, but it is crazy sexy.

  2. Oh crumbs, that IS sexy. So sexy it deserves a direct link!

  3. Incidentally, I think he was talking about his mom, and studying in Provence before moving back to the States. But ma français est très rusty.

  4. You've finally done a thrusty of one of my Mancandies! Knew it was only a matter of time before we crossed the streams. And if you want Bradley Cooper being sexy, try Midnight Meat Train. Rubbish movie, hot sex scene.

    Or you could go with My Little Eye, which reminds me quite a bit of Skin Game. In fact, I almost wrote a story once based on My Little Eye (and Cooper's small but sexy role in it), which is even more of a mindfook.

    You write so many scenarios that I want to desperately read and/or write!

  5. Ooh, thanks for the inside info, Charlotte! I thought he might be in your harem, but to be honest, it's hard to keep up. You're insatiable. But between him and Sharlto Copley, your lady-parts must have asploded when you first saw The A-Team!

  6. LMAO... Hilarious. I heart Bradley Cooper. But that Zach guy, he steals the show every time.