Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thrusty Thursday: Parker Hurley

Ruthie Knox is one of my favorite people—an impressive feat considering I've never actually been in the same room with her. Yet. She's my friend, fellow romance novelist, critique partner, blog cohort, and future suitemate for the 2012 Romantic Times Booklovers' Convention. So it was highly gratifying last week when I was able to give her the gift of Parker Hurley. With a wonder tangible even in tweet form, she promptly declared him "her Gandy" and I happily relinquished all my digital lusting rights so that she might enjoy primacy. And naturally, I had to let her curate his moment as Thrusty Thursday honoree. Here are her top pics…but seriously, Google him, too. For the love of God, Google him. Or stalk him on his Tumblr.

And since it's my blog, after all, a bonus shot for me, fight-perv that I am. (Tip: if you squint you can pretend his shorts' logo is a silver fern and cast him in pervy New Zealander fantasies. Worked for me, anyhow.)

1 comment:

  1. Aww. Thanks! I promise not to get so distracted petting Parker that I neglect you. *pets*

    Every time I find an orgasmically hot picture of him, I want to caption it. "This is how he looks when he smiles at me." "This is the face he made when I fussed around with the camera for so long that he started picking on me." Etc. That's how I know he's my Gandy. (Also, that feeling he gives me in my loins.)