Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thrusty Thursday: Gene Kelly

I don't even know what to say about this one. I'm pretty sure Gene Kelly is one of the foxiest foxes who ever foxed. And he can foxtrot! I mean, he's handsome, built, a scary-talented dancer, he can sing… I could go on forever.

I first fell for Gene Kelly when I saw Singin' in the Rain. Then I fell again over An American in Paris. Then On the Town. Then…

Dude can make a musical macho. Oh yes, he can. It might be the thighs…but in truth I think it's the charisma, and that magic you feel when you're watching someone doing something they're truly gifted at. I've heard he was a pretty brutal taskmaster on set with his female dance partners, but he can break me down and reduce me to tears any day. But enough about me. Let's just watch the man in action, courtesy of someone else's excellent dance montage:

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  1. Ahhh, On the Town. That movie makes me so happy. I love running around the town with my lady friends...all of us in coordinating skirt suits!