Friday, October 15, 2010

Mike doing what he does best…

…procrastinating like hell then signing himself up for extra credit assignments that border on masochism. Now that's a writer! Without further ado, please welcome Mike Myers for a quickie guest post.

Okay, special treat for everyone today. The New England Chapter of Romance Writers of America is holding their annual First Kiss Contest. The deadline had been extended until October 15th at midnight, which is tonight. So in true procrastinator style I put off writing the scene as long as possible. Now I've awakened to discover that the entry is due today and I've written nothing. And of course this couldn't be on a kid-free weekend where I can focus on writing ten pages and getting it out the virtual door (don't you love the invention of the e-mail submission?). No, today is a work day, and a Friday no less. On top of that it's a kid night to boot so I have my work cut out for me.  So what would anyone with any common sense do on a day like this? Why add a little more onto the pile of course, so not only will I be writing and editing a contest submission from scratch, but I'll be writing a companion article on it as well to share with my Procrastinator's Guide readership (yup, all eight or so of you).

Here's my challenge to all of you. If you're an unpubbed newbie like myself, head on over to and enter the contest as well. Chances are you probably already have the scene written, and even if you don't, you're in the same boat as me except without an article to write. I'm throwing down the gauntlet. You don't want some talentless hack (and a guy no less) to have any legitimate shot at finaling in a contest with a submission he threw together at the last minute, right? (Hey, it could happen.) So get motivated, roll up your writing sleeves, polish up that first kiss scene, search the couch cushions for the $15 entrance fee and make sure you check back later for a recap on how my own Contest-a-palooza Day of Joy turned out. And remember, don't put off until tomorrow that which can be put off even longer.

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  1. You go Mike I'l be cheering you on, but I'm not entering. I've decided to stay far away from contests. This is of course after I have sent one entry in and hope the judges are kind. Personally, I think writing the first kiss is one of the hardest steps in the romance. So much is at stake and how it's handled determines so much. No pressure here or anything. Now get writing, just make sure the boss dosen't catch you.