Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thrusty Thursday: Matt Schulze

So a couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about The Fast and the Furious wherein I hinted that I ought to spotlight supporting dreamboat Matt Schulze in the Thursty Thursday feature. The time has come.

Schulze and his tattooed, meatheaded on-screen persona made that otherwise perplexing movie supremely watchable for me. Before seeing it, I knew nothing about this fellow, but I've now done a little research, research which was comprised largely of extensive Google image searches and pained me very greatly. Here is what I learned about Matt Schulze in that process:

1. He's a fox. With a big tattoo.

2. Wikipedia knows very little about him.

3. He likes bicycles and looks good in Spandex.

4. He plays guitar.

5. He's been in quite a few films and TV shows.

6. There's a rumor that he's training in mixed martial arts, and if it's true, my lady-parts will explode with rapture.

I searched YouTube for a video clip of Schulze in action, but there weren't any amazing ones, sadly. And certainly none of him kicking or punching or otherwise exploding my lady-parts through acts of brutish manfulness. So instead, let's just gaze upon his motionless visage one last time:

Ah, that hit the spot.

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