Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thrusty Thursday: Santino Rice

As I write this, the manfriend is out for the evening. I have been mired in a creative funk for the better half of a fortnight. I am just a bit self-pitiful, and just a bit tipsy. And as such, I am watching a Netflix-supplied marathon of the second season of Project Runway. I never saw this season when it was new, and it was incredibly harrowing attempting to do any research on this week's Thrusty Thursday honoree without risking spoilerizing the show for myself…and so I didn't do any research.

But travel back in time with me to 2005. In classic unlikely-lust-object Thrusty Thursday style, Santino Rice has a few strikes against him in the conventionally-sexy department. Balding, yet he sports a ponytail. Decidedly odd-looking. Not rippling with muscles or gifted with a suave voice. No clue which team he bats for, since again, I didn't do my homework. And yet…damn, he be sexy. This one of those cases of charisma (and dress sense) conquering all obstacles to create the sextasticalz. He's got that unapologetic fuck-all-y'all allure that makes me weak. Plus I'm just a sucker for a man in a fedora.

Sorry, no clip this week—can't risk ruining the season's five-years-past-current result for myself. If you want some video samples of Santino's patented breed of dry, cocky anti-charm, you're on your own. Oh and before you consider spoiling the show's result in the comments—please, think of your karma.

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