Thursday, December 2, 2010

Angry Birds Seasons for Apple!

More Angry Birds, you say? If you're already a fan, you may have heard that Rovio released the Christmas-themed Angry Birds game for Droid devices yesterday, leaving us Apple weenies to fret and sniffle and wait while the game was made to jump through Apple's many annoying corporate hoops before the app could be accepted and made available via their sanctioned channels. But now it's here! And if you purchased Angry Birds Halloween, the new Christmas installment won't cost you a cent, merely a free update download. I've just snagged it for my iPad, and each day a new level is unlocked, advent-calendar-style. Sigh. At least with a real advent calendar, you can cheat and gorge yourself on all the chocolate in one day. The genius game developers at Rovio seem to think we ought to practice a bit more self-control, though, and since they've provided me with so much joy, I guess I shan't grumble about it.

More info about Angry Birds Seasons for Apple here.

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