Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thrusty Thursday: Vincent Regan

Not only is this the final Thrusty Thursday of the year, it's also my 100th post! Oh deary me, however will I pick a worthy honoree?

It was easy, actually. I've had Vincent Regan in my back pocket [sadly not a euphemism] since I started this silly little blog, and now his time has come. As I've always said, 300 is the perfect heterosexual date movie, as it's got slaughter and violence for the bloodlusty males, and ripped, bruised-up fighter dudes for pervy girls like me… Hmmm, I suppose it's actually the perfect date movie for everyone, except perhaps a pair of lesbian pacifists.

Brutal period pieces seem to be Regan's niche, as in addition to 300, Troy and Clash of the Titans are among the Welsh actor's most noteworthy projects. His weary-ass eyes and excellent on-screen wailing are inexpressibly foxy, plus he's often got facial hair, which is a bonus in my book. But let's see about finding a good clip of the man in action for you poor souls who haven't seen 300 yet…

Well, it looks like embedding is disabled for most of the movie's clips on YouTube, so we'll just have to use an old-skool link to this handy compilation of all the Vincent Regan bits from 300! Well done to the industrious pervert who put that together for us all to enjoy. And to make up for a lack of handy clippage, here's another still photo, this one from Troy:

Mercy me! So under-bathed and overtired.

See you all in 2011 for another year of spirited Thursday Thrustin'!


  1. I would do many many thing with him. To him. On him...

  2. You'll have to go through me, first.

  3. A+!! 300 looks like one beardy movie!

  4. Oh it is. It's like hardcore beard-pr0n.