Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thrusty Thursday: Eric Bana

So last weekend I went to see Hanna with the manfriend. It's easily the best movie I've seen in the theater in the last couple of years. Love love loved it, can't recommend it enough. I was pulled in from the first scene, in no small part because it featured a bearded, wild-haired survivalist father, an archetype which could never fail to explode my lady-parts.

Taking in the actor's nose and eyes and cheekbones, I thought to myself, "Wow, Christian Bale is even foxier than usual in this movie!" I thought this repeatedly throughout the first half of the film. Then during a fight scene I thought, "Wow, Christian Bale looks a lot like Eric Bana in this movie." Then, ultimately, two-thirds of the way through the film, "Oh wait, that is Eric Bana. That explains why Christian Bale looks so foxy—he's Eric Bana! Why on earth haven't I featured this glorious bastard on Thrusty Thursday already?"

Sorry for the delay, Eric. I should have featured you last year, when I first watched your documentary, Love the Beast. But better late than never, right? I'm even half-watching the "Fame" episode of Kath and Kim, the one with your cameo, as I'm curating this post, if that's any consolation.

One thing that made Bana even foxier than normal in Hanna is that he does a lot of running…something about a man running flat-out to exact vengeance or escape peril just gets my motor purring. Run, Eric, run! Breathe heavily and let me sniff your shirt when you finally come to a halt.

For everyone's enjoyment, the Hanna trailer—featuring Eric Bana with a beard, briefly. Nom.

And for those who haven't seen Love the Beast—the documentary about Eric Bana's relationship with his car—here's the trailer for that one:


  1. Excellent Thrusty Thursday choice! I can't look at him enough.

  2. Eric Bana is why God invented beards.

  3. Okay...I think this one is going in the "to be watched asap" file!