Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thrusty Thursday: Kayvan Novak

The several faces of Kayvan Novak.
Quick thrust from me this busy week—Thursday crept right up me! But do please take a moment to thrusticate upon Kayvan Novak, foxy British actor (of Iranian descent, also appeared in Syriana) who I just had the pleasure of seeing last night in the movie Four Lions, an absurd dark comedy from one of the true masters of absurd dark comedy, satirist Chris Morris. Novak plays Waj, a comic sidekick character who could easily have gone two-dimensional. Yet Novak's performance is subtle but hilarious, Waj's character outrageously stupid but also utterly sympathetic and lovable. I can't say enough about how deftly Novak snuck in and stole some of movie's funniest scenes—his timing is really something else. Really tough to describe, but very effective. Idiocy with depth. I recommend the movie if you dig pitch-black, uncomfortable comedies and can follow heavy British accents.


  1. Love this one :) Although I prefer sans the Brit accent... like their native country accents.

    On LOST, loved Sayid, but hated it when the actor would talk out of role, LOL.


  2. Well in his defense, Novak was born and raised in London, so he's British first. But you're right…it's defo sexy with the Middle Eastern accent. :-)