Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spring Revamp

I've been quiet for the past few days—did you worry I got Raptured? If so, you clearly don't know me very well. The manfriend and I were away in Vermont over the weekend visiting friends, then on Monday I was all over the place for a freelance meeting then an appearance as a special guest at my husband's colleagues' book club (they read Caught on Camera of all things, quite the literary fiction palate cleanser). And yesterday I was busy doing something that was looong overdue—a spring revamp.

The main project was rearranging my office so I'd have the space to comfortably practice yoga again. Which I need desperately—I've been a bit of a basketcase lately. Making it happen meant giving the boot to my "editing nook", ditching a side table and moving my beloved papasan chair to the living room. I also went to Target and bought a new shelving unit (among many other things). It took pretty much the entire day (I did some kitchen improvements and a ton of cleaning as well) but now I've got a faboo new space beneath the skylight for my stretching and calisthenics:

It also felt good just to do the whole spring cleaning / space freshening / reinvention thing. I don't know if it's the redecorating or the blessed absence of rain for the first time in a week, but I'm finally perking up. Oh and if anyone's curious where I write, I do 95% of it in the space just to the right of my new micro yoga studio (in fact I'm sitting on the "black pearl" as I type this):

Anyone else have any big spring projects going on?


  1. Great decorating job! Looks some colorful and homey.

  2. Man...don't you love those Target things with the pull out 'basket' things? My bathroom LOVES them. Keeps it looking neat and tidy.
    What a wonderful space.

    Is that exercise ball comfy to write on? That looks crazy! LOL

  3. Hey, Taryn!

    The ball chair takes some getting used to—it's hard work, sitting up as straight as it forces you to. But after a few weeks my abs and back muscles got with the program and I was able to sit on it full-time, instead of needing to switch to my old chair partway through the day.

    Now I can't stand sitting on my old chair—I feel way too hunched. I can feel the strain in my back from the old chair as well. I definitely recommend the ball chair (or a "kneeling chair") if you're a desk jockey like me, but it does take some practice and committment.

  4. I just stayed at a hotel in Albuquerque this weekend that clearly had a fabulous designer. In my room, there was a writing desk that was similar to yours! Except it was cream-colored.