Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thrusty Thursday: Vincent Gallo

I was tempted to not even do a write-up and just let Vincent Gallo's many faces speak for themselves—what a fascinating-looking man! I found him by mistake while Googling "scruffy actors" and was spellbound, my head flooded by a medley of Tom Waits' creepier songs.

All I know about Gallo is that he's a forty-nine-year-old Buffalo-born actor, producer, composer, director, screenwriter, songwriter, and singer, who's modeled for Calvin Klein, been photographed by Richard Avedon, collaborated with Jean-Michel Basquiat, and dated Cat Power. And if I ever need to cast a hot psychopath in a book I'm working on, he's first in line.


  1. Oh my God, he's a Civil War portrait, a sexy serial killer, and a floppy-haired Regency cad all rolled into one. Someone give him a six-shooter and a pair of chaps and let him loose on the screen.

  2. No kidding! My eyeballs have no clue how to read this guy, so they just gawk instead.