Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thrusty Thursday: Laurence Fishurne

So I've been watching a slew of seminal cycling movies in the past week, so-called inspiration and research for a work-in-progress neither me nor my evil twin will yet claim authorship of. But this last weekend we watched a real hum-dinger of the genre—Quicksilver.

It stars Kevin Bacon as a stock trader turned bike messenger, and it is like the eighties filtered through a lens made of pure eighties. I recommend it. Highly. The soundtrack is like…uhn. It also reminded me of a fact one must not let slip from one's daily consciousness—Larry Fishburne is a fucking fox! He may just get my nomination as one of Hollywood's Top Five Foxes of All-Time. Behold his dishiness as it transcends role and age:

Goddamn you and your stern-but-dreamy eyes, Fishburne!

And of course, here's the trailer for Quicksilver (1986). It's slightly more OTT than the actual movie…but only slightly:


  1. "It is like the eighties filtered through a lens made of pure eighties" -- *grins*

    Did I spot a bike-back/dancing/seduction scene in that trailer, or is that just my giddy imagination?

    Larry is hot. Agreed.

  2. I can't even really tell you what that scene is, exactly… It's a legwarmery, bike-dancing kind of foreplay you has never been seeing befores!!!

  3. Oh, man, I remember this movie. Talk about a flashback!

    I've loved Fishburne since his electrifying performance in What's Love Got to Do With It. Yeah, I know Ike's a jerk, but I would totally buy why Tina would fall for and stay with him because of that performance.

  4. Au contraire.

  5. Oh my what!!!! It seems 1986 was a peak year for electro bike-dancing leg-warmer romance! [runs off to FIND THAT MOVIE]