Friday, September 2, 2011


Oh yes, to quote Ruthie Knox, unh… Unnnhhh, big time. Thanks to Zoë Archer for tweeting this decadence from Swoonworthy, as it's probably—no, it's definitely—the greatest poster for anything, ever. I saw the trailer for this movie a couple months ago and my loins promptly exploded, because, as anyone who knows me is aware, fighters do things to me. Things that make me unh. You're welcome to all the cowboys, the SEALs, and especially the billionaire tycoons, so long as you forward all the bruised and bloody, battered men straight to me.

Right, one last ogle then it's back to work on this new Blaze proposal…which, handily enough, is about a fighter. Unh.


  1. Someday, for your birthday or another such important occasion, I will give you a couple of shirtless construction workers punching each other in the face. You're welcome.

  2. That or just a shirt that reads UNH. Either one.

    Hmmm, thinking about that… I will definitely dissolve into giggles the next time I spot somebody wearing a University of New Hampshire hoodie.

  3. Xmas gift list: for Meg-Cara, one UNH hoodie, coming up.