Thursday, September 23, 2010

Le Jeudi Frotteurible: Cyril Raffaelli et David Belle

I've gone French this week on old Thrusty Thursday, and I'm encouraging everyone to not merely thrust against two worthy men, but against an entire movie. The movie is District B13 (originally Banlieue 13), a French action film from 2004 starring Cyril Raffaelli and David Belle. Both garçons on their own are pretty foxy, but add them together and hot damn! Deux renards pour le prix d'un!

District B13 isn't your typical action movie, though there is plenty of general mayhem and car chasing. However, I'm tempted to label it instead a martial arts movie, as the truly outstanding action lies in the physical feats the actors pull off. The plot in a nutshell is that a goodhearted thug from the ghetto and an idealist cop team up to take down a drug ring in Paris's down-and-out B13 district. It's set in what used to be the future—2010—but it's not futuristic at all, just a bit dystopic…come on, it's French. What else would you expect?

I'm prepared to beg anyone who has a Netflix subscription to check this film out on Instant Watcher. Don't fret about subtitles, as it's an action movie and hence the dialogue is succinct and easy to follow. Don't worry about squicky violence, either—very few times did I have to look away from the scene, fearing something disturbing, which I do nearly constamment during American action flicks. You'll be too focused on the superbon stylized action and fight choreography to care, anyhow.

Without further ado, voilà un morceau. Watch David Belle do his foxy French thang and try to imagine a whole movie's worth of this awesomeness:

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