Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thrusty Thursday: Fan Siu-Wong

Also known as 樊少皇. Also known as Louis Fan. Also known as the foxy, evil Northern gang leader from Ip Man, a 2008 Kung Fu film chronicaling the rise of one of the modern Grandmasters of Wing Chun (and Bruce Lee's mentor).

This movie, or rather the version of it that I watched, had a major drawback—it was dubbed, and the American voiceover actors were truly terrible. But Fan Siu-Wong stood out despite the corny audio distractions. Ooh, I love me a good baddie. Give him kick-ass martial arts skills and I turn to goo. I couldn't find too much biographical info in English about Fan Siu-Wong, but here's what Wikipedia had to say: "At the age of 14, Fan traveled to Xuzhou on the request of his father to take up martial arts because he was virtually a toothpick. There, Fan studied gymnastics, kung fu, and taekwondo." Well, he's certainly blossomed. Want to see him in action? Here he is doing his evil Kung Fu thug thang in Ip Man:

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