Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Off to the Redwoods

Quick post. Granola has been nommed, coffee nearly drunk. Soon me and the manfriend are hitting the road to drive down to the tip of Northern California to see the redwoods and take a hike. I'm nearly as stoked about the drive as I am the world famous trees—I love long drives when I'm the passenger. It gives me lots of time to absorb new landscapes, listen to unexpected songs on the radio, and daydream about characters and scenes, and scenes and characters yet to solidify. Travel is like taking your mental snow globe and giving it a good shake, getting the sparkles all riled up. My evil conjoined erotica-writing twin wants to brainstorm about her next novella, but I want to ruminate more on the seedling of my next Blaze proposal. We'll see who wins! And the hike will be much appreciated by my body. A combination of rain and my own semi-irrational fear of the cougars has kept me from my daily runs…that, and it's vacation. But today should get the blood pumping and hopefully cancel out some of the excess wine and home-cooking from the last couple days. Enjoy your Wednesdays!

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