Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thrusty Thursday: John Abraham

Since I began co-curating the Raggedy-Ass Men Tumblr a couple weeks ago, I've had to spend far more time than usual Googling images of doable men. It's been a real hardship. But while I've been dutifully, joylessly Googling said doable men, I noticed one particular fox coming up again and again, whether I was looking for a "hot coal miner" or a "sexy forest ranger" or a "muddy male model". His name is John Abraham, and he's a thirty-eight-year-old Indian-born actor. Oh and he used to model. Can you tell?

Anyhow, in tribute to his interwebz ubiquity and general thrustability, here's a mantage!

Oh and look, here he is, all wet and sandy! Dag, I better put that one in the Tumblr queue…

And wet again!


  1. It's for the greater good. Although I can't quite believe Abraham snuck that bathtub picture into the Raggedy queue. The tub has rose petals in it. Rose petals!

  2. Yeah, yeah. But he's all dripping wet!

  3. I feel like in the picture where he's wearing a scarf, he should also be holding a kitten. And yet I like it.