Friday, August 13, 2010

Champs on the Cheap

Anyone who's known me for ten minutes knows I'm exceedingly cagey about advertising and product placement, so rest assured, any merchandise you see on this blog is stuff I stumbled upon myself and paid for.

Anyhow, given my new resolution to post short and often, I thought it might be fun to share affordable food and drink gems I come across as I go about my thrifty business. The other day I had a hankering for white wine, and I usually buy Barefoot, as it's the most potable, wallet-friendly brand my corner bodega sells.

It was a particularly steamy afternoon and I didn't want to wait around for a bottle to cool in the fridge, so I headed for the store's chilled bottles. At first—defeat! None of the Barefoot whites were stocked in the cooler. Oh but wait, there were some…but these were fancier bottles! Brut Champagne, and bubbling whites and a rosé. For nine measley bucks, I'd happily take my white with fizz. Bonus—I'd just finished rereading Valley of the Dolls for the millionth time, and a chance to play Neely (minus the pills and self-destruction) was welcome. I bought the pinot grigio variety, and though my palate is less than expert, I loved it. As good as twenty-dollar Champagne to my happily ignorant tastebuds. I highly recommend it.

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