Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thrusty Thursday: Les Stroud

It's Thursday again! But whom to thrust against? Why not my back-up husband, foxy survival show host Les Stroud? Ooh, those tired eyes! That Canadian accent! That manful lack of hygeine! Your beard looks so achy, Les, bring it on over here and I'll give it a good massage.

Les Stroud is the man behind the vastly-superior-to-Man-vs-Wild reality show, Survivorman. I watched every single episode back when I was researching what would end up being my first Blaze book…though my hero and his program bear little resemblance to Survivorman. Les is way more bad-ass. He treks out into the wilderness for seven days at a time with no crew, and since he's alone (and already happily married), he doesn't wind up falling in love with his production assistant. Doesn't make for the most scintillating romance novel ever, but it's damn fine TV!

Now if you've never seen the show, here's the opening segment to the episode filmed in Papua New Guinea. If you skip to about the 4:15 mark you can watch Les attempting to gnaw through a small tree. Bonus for Netflix subscribers—all the seasons are available to stream on Instant Watcher. Les also has a brand new show, premiering tomorrow night on Discovery! Details here, preview here.

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