Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Well hello there. Welcome to my first post here at the Super Lucky #1 Fun Blog*.

By the time I decided to become a more frequent poster [read: this morning], I had earlier blogging experiences under my belt to draw upon. Before I was a published I blogged weekly-ish on the topic of my experiences as an aspiring writer. I wrote very long and exhausting and largely informative posts, and invested much time in editing them to perceived perfection. After I became published in erotic romance early this year, I was invited to join a group of like-minded and saucy gals, where my conjoined erotica-writing evil twin still blogs every other Thursday on the topic of writing, erotica, and other [mostly] related topics. She, too, writes incredibly long-winded posts, which she spends considerable time editing, posts which if she were required to pen more than twice a month would eat up all of her fiction-writing time and energy.

What I've taken away from these two earlier blogging experiences is that a) it seems wise to post on a set topic, as consistency is desirable and doing so would hopefully attract people with similar interests and needs, and b) I can't help but write too much.

That's all about to change. For this blog, I have three objectives: post often, post short, and post about whatever. Much of it will likely revolve around the so-called writer's life, and come spring 2011 when my first two romances are due to come out, some title-dropping of my books may get folded into the mix. Self-promo makes me feel dirty (the bad kind of dirty), but I'd be lying if I said I shan't stoop to it…though I promise to try to keep it to a minimum.

Where was I? Right—post frequent. And that means short, otherwise I'll burn out or use up all the creativity I need to keep the paltry paychecks coming in. And short means not spouting out thesis-driven posts that go on for days. That brings us to the third item—post whatever. Whatever happened to me today. For example, this morning I ran three and a half miles and my playlist consisted of two episodes of The Archers separated by Skee-Lo's "I Wish". That's the sort of bull you're in for. Recipes. Rants. Pictures of stuff I saw (or perhaps more likely, pictures off the net of little round birds, as I'm a bit obsessed with little round birds).

So starting tomorrow (as this post is already verging on the long-winded) I shall post about whatever comes to mind. Hope to see you there.

* Please note, blog may not live up to its illustrious name.


  1. You sound like me LOL. Therefore we are now BFF's!! Welcome to you and your evil twin :)


  2. Ooooh, it's beyootiful. I am already having a super lucky number one fun time. Will put a link up on my blog, dollface.

  3. That you even had "I Wish" on your playlist makes me miss you. WAIT! Is that a leftover from ye olde work party?!

  4. @Kramy There are some pop gems in that playlist that sparkle through the ages.