Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thrusty Thursday: Julian Barratt

Man-candy day! Why, it's almost a requisite for us blogging romance and erotica authors nowadays, don't you think? I shall endeavor to buck the tradition somewhat by featuring my own nonstandard breed of thrust-upon-able men, starting with actor / comedian / musician / jazz maverick Julian Barratt. Most famous for his role as genre-spanner Howard Moon on The Mighty Boosh (BBC Radio, BBC TV, stage, allegedly soon to be film) Barratt is six feet four inches of mustachioed machismo. Well, perhaps not, but like my forebears he's a fine Yorkshire man, and that plus his willingness to dress and act a complete and total pillock for the amusement of millions of fans makes him the perfect candidate for the first ever Thrusty Thursday title-holder.

For the uninitiated, I won't spring a clip from the Boosh on you—such staggering surreality must be eased into like a kiddie pool full of shaved kittens. But here's a tame short:

Have an off-beat candidate you'd like to put forth for a future installment of Thrusty Thursday? Send me an email about him.

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