Thursday, July 14, 2011

Le Jeudi Frotteurible: Romain Duris

Not only is it Thrusty Thursday, it's also Bastille Day! And since I'm starting to earn a reputation for exploiting France's considerable male fox population in this feature, I'd be remiss to not source yet another homme thrustable for you all this fine holiday. And so without further ado, actor Romain Duris!


  1. How is it that I've never seen this fine specimen of a man before? Sexy.

  2. Between him and Olivier Sitruk and Christian Marc and Eric Monjoin and the garçons from District B13, I think it's time I just started an import/export business.

  3. I think I may have to give him his own personal codicil to my rule forbidding three-day beards à la Thirtysomething.