Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Stuff that's awesome: Trailer Park Boys

Just wanted to put in a plug for Trailer Park Boys (2003–2008), the Canadian mockumentary-style comedy centered around the nefarious doings of the Sunnyvale Trailer Park's many residents. The show I think it compares most easily to is Reno 911…but TPB has more continuity and, dare I say it, depth. It's also got the most (and the most effective) running gags of any show I've ever seen, rivaled only perhaps by Arrested Development in quantity and quality. It's all about recurrence. Recurring tertiary characters, recurring jokes, recurring clothes, recurring jail sentences, recurring props (Julian's rum-and-coke, Ricky's car and oversize-hound's-tooth shirt, and Ray's piss jugs come immediately to mind for me). The show's many seasons and specials are all on Netflix Instant Watcher, so if you're a sad, deprived American (like me) do yourself a favor and get yourself hooked, now.

Quick warning—the video's full of swears.


  1. I have duly added it to my queue. Now to find out if it passes the husband filter (which is multilayered and kicks out many impurities I enjoy)...

  2. Hi Meg, I see you've discovered the Boys! Seems we in the States are a couple of years behind Canada's best kept secret.

    Here's a link to my blog post with info on what they're up to now.

    Brace your self...it's pretty wild!



    Wren Barrett

  3. I have loved this show since 2005. Glad to see someone else knows about it!