Friday, July 29, 2011

New Sale!

Hey all, just wanted to share some good news my evil conjoined erotica-writing twin received yesterday—the so-called Parisien man-whore story has sold! Ellora's Cave offered me my eleventh contract with them, and I accepted. The official title is to-be-determined. It's working title has been Sixteen Rue des Toits Rouges, and I wasn't too shocked when it got nixed; bit tough to remember / spell / pronounce. I've got a nice list of alternatives to send off to my benevolent editor today.

[Addendum: This just in, the book now has an official title—Curio.]

Big thanks go to Amy, Ruthie, and Liz for beta reading and French translation assistance. Merci beaucoup, mes amies.

Just from randomly tweeting about the story during the writing process, I've been pleased by how enthusiastic some people are about the themes, both the male prostitute factor and the pushing-thirty virgin heroine. Fingers crossed they'll enjoy the book when it eventually comes out (should be a quick turnaround, probably out in the early fall). I'll be sure to post a tiny excerpt from it for this weekend's Six Sentence Sunday.

If the chores of the day permit (or rather, my tackling thereof permits), I'll probably be tweeting with a champagne buzz late this afternoon, so look forward to that. Enjoy your Fridays!


  1. Exciting! Congrats, I look forward to reading it!!

  2. Congratulations! The read was my pleasure.