Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Angry Birds Rio is out!

Hooray! Angry Birds Rio released this morning! March has been a great month for Angry Birds fans, with new "Ham 'Em High" levels for Angry Birds and the St. Patrick's Day edition of Angry Birds Seasons already released. Now a whole new game?

Rio is much like the franchise's previous incarnations, except with a new setting and a new mission—instead of merely bombing pigs, the angry birds are liberating smuggled parrots in Brazil! Oh and bombing monkeys.

The paid version has lots of new levels and the promise of even more to come in the next few months. There's also an animated movie set to release next month (the game is a tie-in) by the people who did Ice Age. Imagine if Pixar had jumped on that deal? That would have been amazing…though the movie probably wouldn't be ready until well after the Angry Birds craze has faded.

So go forth and download! Who wanted to get anything done today, anyhow?

WARNING: Turn your volume down a bit before watching the trailer—it's loud.

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  1. Just wanted to hop on and say if you have an Android phone, device, anything etc. Amazon is offering this game FREE today to kick off their Android app store. I downloaded it on my cell phone but haven't tried it out yet. The music is very catchy though.