Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thrusty Thursday: Édgar Ramirez

It's a very special guest-curated Thrusty Thursday this week! My friend @drpuma sent me this nominee, and full disclosure, I know little to nothing about Édgar Ramirez. Though I did see The Bourne Ultimatum awhile back, and he played a CIA assassin in that…or so IMDb tells me. I'm awful with faces.

Some random, hastily-gleaned "facts" (according to Wikipedia) about Ramirez: he's thirty-three, hails from Venezuela, and spent much of his childhood traveling because his father worked for the military. He's currently working on a film called Killing Pablo, in which he stars as Pablo Escobar (the infamous Colombian drug lord) opposite fellow Thrusty Thursday honoree Christian Bale. Ramirez is also fluent in five languages—Spanish, German, English, French and Italian—and apparently you can even stick him right in your ears, as he "guest-stars" on a CD called Fluenz Spanish I. So, if you're looking for a foxier way to become multi-lingual, check that out. Or, just buy it, close your eyes, and imagine he's saying whatever it is you'd like him to be saying to you…

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