Thursday, March 31, 2011

Le Jeudi Frotteurible: Olivier Sitruk

Another French edition of Thrusty Thursday! The first such occasion was inspired by my viewing of District B13, then there was my tribute to Parisian hairstylist Christian Marc, and this time it's in honor of my upcoming Samhain debut, The Reluctant Nude, which features a French hero. It's out on Tuesday, nudge nudge nudge. Okay, enough self-whoring. On to the thrustin'!

I know nothing about Olivier Sitruk other than a) you can find him by Googling "French actor" and b) he's a fox. Un vraiment grand renard. Oh and c) I suspect my insatiable beard-enthusiast friends will be pleased. Instead of boring you by rehashing his Wikipedia entry (like usual) here's a big old pensive collage I made, junior high-style! If you get understandably juiced by his obvious foxxitude and want to see what he's in, here's his IMDb link. Otherwise, bon appetit!


  1. Some of his photos remind me of Benjamin Bratt, who I love, love, love! OK, I will concede that this Frenchie is pretty darned cute. But I bet if he and Jack Black got into a fight, Jack could sit on him and kick his Frenchie arse. Probably.

    Also, speaking of The Reluctant Nude and totally adorable French guys, I posted my review today. Words cannot express how much I love this book. But I tried.

  2. Thanks again, Penny!

    I want to do terrible things to Olivier Sitruk, acts only definable in French. I'm nearly afraid to watch any of his films, lest I discover he has a scratchy baritone voice, which would surely result in dangerous lady-part explodings.

  3. husband is French. Yes, yes he is.

    *tackle hugs her husband*

  4. Well. Now that we're all jealous of Christine. This dude is a veritable festival of aquiline deliciousness, so thanks! Must now go look for video to confirm voice-awesomeness. I WANT YOUR BOOK NOW OMG. (j/k, I totally wanted it before this anyway).

  5. Christine—hate you out of jealous spite.

    Del—hate you for disclosing via Twitter that Olivier Sitruk is a tenor. [shuffles away to sulk]