Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thrusty Thursday: Dylan Moran

When you're as pasty and freckly as I am, you can't in good conscience let St. Patrick's Day pass without making a bit of a to-do. And as it lands on a Thursday this year, how better to celebrate than by thrusting against an authentic Irishman?

No, not Colin Farrell. Not Liam Neeson. Not Cillian Murphy or Johnathan Rhys Meyers or Gabriel Byrne. Nope, when I think of my homeland, I think first of Dylan Moran, whose face and accent and dry, spastic humor personify Ireland for me. If you haven't seen the series Black Books, you're truly doing yourself a disservice. Especially if you've got a personal relationship with books. I missed seeing Moran live during the New Zealand Comedy Festival on my 2007 trip to Wellington by a single day. Heartbreak!

Do enjoy this quick, theme-appropriate clip responsibly (warning: it contains profanity, in case you're watching it out loud in a room full of toddlers, in which case, why are you on this smutty blog to begin with?), and Happy St. Paddy's Day!

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