Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thrusty Thursday: Christian Bale

In honor of his recent (and much deserved) Oscar win for Best Supporting Actor, I'm encouraging everyone to thrust against Christian Bale this week!

I watched The Fighter not long ago at our little local theater, knowing I'd love it in advance. Set in working-class Massachusetts and centered around boxing and dysfunctional families, it couldn't help but make me swoon. Bonus—while I watched I pretended that it was the inaccurate film adaptation of one of my erotica-writing alter ego's 2010 novellas. "The Fighter: Cara McKenna's Willing Victim (without all the shady bedroom role-playing) now a major motion picture starring Mark Wahlberg!"

Starring Mark Wahlberg—who did an amazing job as boxer Mickey Ward—but Bale really stole the show. He plays Micky's older brother Dicky, a former fighter turned crack addict, and his performance is just brilliant. If you like down-and-out romance and family life, boxing, comebacks and long-shots, or simply the dulcet tones of a Massachusetts accent, do see it.

The film doesn't showcase Bale at his foxiest, but here's the trailer anyhow, since I have such a mad crush on the movie:


  1. Even though CB has done some crazy stuff, I still like him. And he had a most excellent lumberjack-style beard at the Oscar's!

  2. I'm blissfully ignorant about his personal life.