Monday, November 28, 2011

A Not-So Trivial Pursuit

Wanted to say good luck to the hundreds of aspiring romance authors who have recently shipped out their Golden Heart entries. Deciding to enter the 2009 RWA Golden Heart contest gave me my very first writerly deadline, and it taught me how to finish a book in a timely fashion, to how to format a manuscript, bind it, write my very first terrible synopsis (of many), and most valuable of all, how to put a submission out of my head for months at a time and move on to the next story.

While I was home for the holiday weekend, I pulled this card in Trivial Pursuit, from the ever-classic 1997 Genus IV edition…

Pretty cool, huh? Oh, and since I know you're curious, the answer to the science and nature question is "the frog." So good luck, Golden Heart entrants—especially those I already call friends. Keep your brains trained on the next book, and keep those frogs tied to your jaws. You'll need firm teeth, after all, what with all the chronic grinding damage you'll incur once you inevitably publish. Got my fingers crossed for all of you!


  1. Nice! Damn I love Trivial Pursuit, even though it is usually dispiritingly hard. (90s edition not included) My one shining moment was being able to correctly pull "The Endless Summer" out of my ass in like 10th grade.

  2. My big triumph this past weekend was remembering the name of the old MTV dating show, Singled Out. My brother let me hem and haw for at least two full minutes before I unearthed that ancient brain nugget.