Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thrusty Thursday: Eugene Hütz

After last week and Henrik Lundqvist's ridiculously handsome face, I felt it was high time to get back to admiring less conventional men. After all, weirdos need perving, too. But don't worry—next week I'm perving over an annoyingly good-looking French ballet dancer…just as soon as I watch Black Swan and get myself better acquainted with Benjamin Millepied and his no doubt gifted thighs. And procure screen-grabs of said thighs.

But this week I'm thrusting against Eugene Hütz (born under the exhausting monicker of Yevheniy Oleksandrovych Nikolayev-Simanov, in what's now Ukraine). He's a composer, DJ, and frontman of the New York punk outfit Gogol Bordello. He looks how I imagine the lovechild of former Thrustees Vincent Gallo and Santino Rice might turn out. Or maybe I picked him solely because his just-a-mustache reminds me of my perenniel crush on Howard Moon. In any case, here he is:

Shine on, you crazy, chain-smoking Slavic bastard.


  1. Daniel Day-Lewis would totally play him in the movie. I'm in.

  2. Dying to make a low-brow joke about giving him a beard to go with that mustache.

  3. See, and I was dying to make one about mustache waxing, but I desisted.

  4. Glad we're on the same filthy page as always, RK.

    To which I add a low-brow joke about him leafing through my filthy pages.