Monday, February 28, 2011

Drink Positive

So today is the final day of the month, and hence the last day of Face-Off February. This month's challenge was hard for two days, then liberating for twenty-six. I'm excited to put on makeup tomorrow for the first time in four weeks, but I'll be honest—the experiment changed me. I'll be far more likely to give the stuff a miss on occasion. Absolutely no one cares about the state of my face aside from me, bless them.

March, don't fail me now…
Onward! Tomorrow marks the start of Meager March, during which I'm not allowing myself to make any frivolous purchases. When I devised all the months that comprise Discipline Year, I thought this would be one of the easier ones. But in recent days I've been noticing all the treats I'll mourn in the coming weeks, as I've been indulging in them—beers and meals out with friends, spontaneous iTunes downloads, movie tickets. Hmm…this isn't just about saying no to shoes or clothes or jewelry. This could be far harder than I expected.

Though it may arguably be cheating, I did make one frivolous purchase ahead of time, as an insurance policy. Just now I walked to the bodega and bought a bottle of cheap champagne, my standard celebratory treat for new book sales. Although I wouldn't go so far as to say I'm expecting to have occasion to pop it open in the next month, there is a chance I could. And I'm trying to think positively, so accordingly, I'm planning for the best. Cheers to that!


  1. I, for one, hope you have cause to pop that cork!
    Go you for doing this whole Discipline Year. You're a better woman than I.

  2. Thanks, Taryn! I'm no better a woman than any other, merely one willing to explore withdrawal in its many humbling iterations.

  3. And I hope you aren't against ALL dinner with friends. ;-)

  4. Oh crap! I forgot!! Well, I'm already bound to cheat—must make an exception when Kramy is in Beantown. Dag it, this month is HARD!