Friday, February 4, 2011

Voyeurism in the Digital Age, update

Update! The police just came to take a report. The officer was stern but nice (and heavily cologned) and I showed him what was happening outside our kitchen window. Part of me now hopes the camera is continuously recording, so the pervo has some lovely footage of a uniformed policeman staring at him and scribbling on a pad. The cop took my details and left to try to figure out who owns the house and who lives in that unit, so he can confront the weirdo and inform the landlord (perhaps they're one and the same!) and "get to the bottom of it." My voice was all shaky while I was explaining the situation, but I'm glad I didn't come off as a hysterical mess. I hope he tracks the camera owner down and puts the fear of God into him or her…though if he doesn't, my husband seems determined to do the job himself. Thank goodness for ballsier people than me. Well, except the kind who perform home-surveillance on their neighbors.

All that said, as soon as that camera's gone I'm getting myself right up in those windows…to measure them for blinds.

1 comment:

  1. I'm so glad the cops came & that you got proof of the perv's actions. Smart move calling the cops instead of going over there, ready to bang down their door -- not that they don't deserve it, but at least this way, you have witnesses (cops) who can see the madness for themselves.

    Keep us updated on what happens to them... I'm curious to know if they're really creeps who thought they could get away with it, or if it was an "honest mistake" -- and if it was the latter, I'd love to hear their BS excuse.

    Silver lining: at least you have an excuse to add to your home decor with lovely new blinds! They'll come in handy in the summertime when the sun becomes your peeping-Tom ;)