Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thrusty Thursday: Jason Isaacs

Ooh, smuggins.
On Tuesday, my smutty erotica-writing alter ego sold a book very near and dear to her heart. Said book has seven main characters, and of those seven at least two are, well…assholes. Sexy assholes. And so the asshole mystique has been front and center in my brain, and when it came time to source this week's thrustee, I asked the Twittersphere for suggestions for a man with that elusive do-I-want-to-hit-him-or-grope-him quality. My favorite of the resulting endorsements was for English actor Jason Isaacs. Damn, his name alone is thrustable!

First and foremost let me say, I'm not at all implying that Jason Isaacs is an asshole. He merely looks like one—in the best way possible—and seems somewhat predisposed to playing them. I'm sure he's a lovely man. At any rate, I know Isaacs best from the Harry Potter movies, in which he plays Lucius Malfoy. Had I known only that about him, I'd have taken a pass, as it's rare for a blond to turn my head. But I didn't recognize him by name and good thing—his image search was all it took to convert me. Ooh, shiver. His shifty face makes me wish he'd give me a damn good reason to slap him.

Behold! A sampling of Isaacs looking vaguely evil in various capacities:


  1. Jason Issacs. Hmmm. I suppose he is attractive, but my first exposure to him was his asshole role in "The Patriot" wherein he killed HEATH LEDGER (ok, his character) aka my lover. I can never forgive him. I think for my bad boy actor I pick Jonathan Rhys Meyers. I can't think of a role where he wasn't, at a minimum, smug-looking. If not a total DB. YET...Hott.

  2. Googling… Hmm, Jonathan Rhys Meyers looks a bit young for my taste, but you're more than welcome to guest-curate and pitch his thrustability to everyone. Possibly with clever application of an infographic? Oh and sorry this week's thrustee murdered your boyfriend. But blame Maisey Yates—she nominated him!

  3. Jason Issacs is mine.
    You can't have him.

  4. Uh oh, my first Thrusty Thursday breach of ownership rights… What if I promise I won't scratch or dent him too badly? Or misplace too many bits of his clothing?

  5. Rest assured, MM, Rhys Meyers is a 30-something alcoholic, so by addiction math, he's about 50. I'd gladly write a TT post about him. Currently I am striving to not jump into Lake Michigan, but maybe soon. ;-)