Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thrusty Thursday: Rami Kashoú

I'm still catching up on past seasons of Project Runway, but at least this time I don't have to beg for the finale not to be spoilerized—I finished season four before this post. Spoil away!

This week's thrustee is Rami Kashoú, season four competitor, Palestinian fox, and, sadly, surely as fond of a nicely turned man as I am. Actually, wait…not so sad. He could never actually horn in on my manfriend's rightful territory, plus this way no other woman can have him. Result! Plus my pervy erotica-writing alter ego can more easily daydream about him kissing other boys, all with his arms and his nose and his voice and sexy, shiny noggin… Sigh. The man's got hisself some poise. And his smile makes my insides go all warm and gooey like undercooked brownies.

When I headed to YouTube in search of a bomb-ass Project Runway Rami tribute video to share with you, I was disappointed to not find any…I suspect I've been thwarted by copyright vigilance on the network's part. You win this round. But I did find one passable montage, a bit light on the gushy fan clip curation and heavy on the fashion-techno-fabulocity, but it'll have to do.


  1. Isn't he "draping" guy??? As I recall, all of his models looked like Grecian goddesses? Is that right or am I mixing him up with someone else? I agree, he def. has some nice sex appeal going on. This show has lost its sparkle since it left Bravo. Too bad.

  2. Yes, Rami is the draper! His clothes aren't to my taste, but I never paid any attention to what he was making when he was on camera, anyhow. Though he did buck his own Grecian-gown trend a bit with his final collection. Oh God, I'm such a PR nerd, now.

    And yeah, I have to agree…the last couple of seasons have missed the sparkle of the earlier ones. But it really depends on the contestants. Their personalities make the show, so when a season doesn't have its love-to-hate-them folks like Jay McCarroll or Christian Siriano or Santino Rice or Jeffrey Sebelia, or its over-the-top personalities like Vincent Libretti or Austin Scarlett or Kayne Gillespie or Chris March, even the most outlandish challenge or guest can't make up for it.

    Nerd alert!

  3. Chris March was fabulous. I saw photos of his final collection (which he wasn't allowed to show on the program, since he was officially cut, but he still showed at Fashion Week)....and his collection (with the real hair in it! hee hee) was fantastic. He should have won the whole thing.

    here's a link...check these out!

  4. Also, Jay McCarroll's final runway show kicked arse. I got chills watching it. All those rainbow colors and the freakin' knits! Ahhh! And, my fav fav dude is Santino. He was the funniest guy on that show.

  5. Pen—AGREED on all counts! Jay's collection was gorgeous, and the only one where I was like, "Damn, I'd wear something like that!" I liked Chris's showdown collection a lot, though I was secretly rooting for Rami, for obvious libidinal reasons. I Thrusty Thursday'd Santino last year—his Tim Gunn impression alone was enough to saddle me with a weird, awkward crush. Oh, the swagger!

  6. Red Lobster! Best joke ever on that show!!!!!