Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Shock and Awe, Take Two

It's day two of Face-Off February, and I must say, I'm adjusting rather nicely to this challenge so far. Unlike yesterday, I didn't automatically reach for my missing makeup bag this morning. In fact, as I finished up in the bathroom I thought, "Hey, this saves a lot of time!" and flounced off (as much as one can flounce with bronchitis) to begin my naked-faced day. Bonus: my coffee was just slightly warmer than usual.

Now I must admit, I was hoping for a bit more "Wow, you're so brave!" in the comments on yesterday's opening post, and bit less "You look great! Which picture is which?" Which is which? You better be blowing some kindhearted smoke up my ass, oh wonderful friends, because I don't invest those five to ten minutes in front of the mirror each morning to look like I literally did nothing. Close to nothing, sure. But I mean, come on. A touch more pity wouldn't go astray. This is supposed to be an experiment in deprivation.

It's just you and me this month, Chapstick.
So in an attempt to prove I really am roughing it, here, I just snapped a shot in some of least flattering light there is—webcam light. Also note the scarf worn indoors, and the knitted-hoodie-over-cardigan ensemble in a neutral-on-neutral color palette, always a bold look. Sorry you can't also see the pajama pants and wool socks-under-Birkenstocks I'm rocking to round out this outfit. Top that off with a swipe of original black-label Chapstick, and I am ready to conquer me some red carpet events. Luckily the scrap of carpet I use to keep my chair from scuffing the hardwood floor is red, so that'll keep me indoors with minimal witnesses.


  1. You look like Annette Bening in this picture. Nice. This also answers a question I thought of this morning. Does MM get to use Chapstick? No makeup is one thing, but bleeding lips is another.

  2. GAAH your hideous!! totally kidding... I still think you're really brave.
    Do you think you'll buckle and sneak some mascara before a Friday Night Out or anything? A quick swipe of concealer?
    I sound like an addict. But I can quit any time I want.

  3. Nope, I'm determined to be good! The night before the challenge started, I found out I might be seeing one of my best (and coolest) college friends this month. I will admit, I was like, "I'm totally cheating that day. She can't see me without makeup! She's so hip!" Then I thought, come on now, she saw YEARS of me in all my college-aged awkwardness, and vice versa. A bare face is nothing compared to the hundreds of humbling moments we already witnessed for one another as friends and roommates. Bring it on!

  4. You look really pretty in both. Not just sayin it either. I am a HUGE eyelash glamour girl and at one time would have shuddered at the thought of no make up. Then I moved to LA and well...despite LA"s reputation for glamour, everyone is so lazy and they wear flip flops and breeze in and out of yoga classes. So fluttery eyelashes just seem out of place in downward facing dog! *wink*
    As far as my BF goes, he hardly notices when I get dolled up. Don't get me wrong, he likes it. BUt ladies are really the ones that notice. Not to put to fine-a-point on it, but I got a major haircut the other day. One in which I had to hold back tears because it was so chopped. I was sure I looked like Kate Gosslin. My BF didn't even NOTICE!! And he is not a neanderthal, he is actually an observant guy...but JEEZ...
    You have a sweet fresh face! Make up or no! Prettiness abounds!