Friday, February 4, 2011

Justice Prevails!

Hey all! Thanks for your support and kind words during this morning's drama. I have resolution to share!

Officer Hero-Pants just came by to update me, moments after I noticed that the camera had been taken down from my neighbor's window. The police got a warrant to check things out next door, so my officer and another cop went over to investigate.

The perv is some thirty-five year old guy (a "kid", according to my cop) who lives on the second floor, and isn't actually allowed in the third floor. No one's allowed in the third floor, apparently… Side story, the owner inherited the house but she lives out of the state, so it's overseen by a [not very effective] management company. Hence the un-cleared sidewalk I so enjoy bitching about. The guy claims he was taking photos of the icicles on our roof…and while they are impressive, neither I nor Officer Hero-Pants was especially sold on this excuse.

But some properly good news: the officer said the camera was pretty low-tech—only takes still images and probably doesn't even have a zoom. So my career as a star of streaming voyeur-pr0n was over before it began. It sounds like the supposed pervo got the fear of God put in him pretty effectively by the end of the whole ordeal. Fingers crossed that's the end of the story…though I'm sure I'll be jumpy the next couple of times the doorbell rings when I'm home alone.

Damn, I should have snapped Office Hero-Pants's photo…what a perfect Thursday thrustee he would have made! (Heavy-handed irony alert.) I must say, the cops in my town get a big old grateful thumbs-up from me on this entire incident. Very nicely handled, boys.

Thanks for all your concern and good humor, everyone!


  1. Glad the camera's gone! I'm going to be optimistic & hope he really was taking pictures of icicles.
    But yeah, I'd be getting the blinds.

  2. Happy Ending! Did the police officer have a beard? Ha...just kidding. (Did he have a beard?)

  3. Sorry, Pen, no beard. Very clean-shaven, including his whole shiny head. Quite bold Italian eyebrows, though!

  4. Bald! Well, that's 2nd best to the whole beard thing. Win! I'm also pro-bushy eyebrows!

  5. Holy crap! I sleep in and miss all the excitement. Fingers crossed that this is the end of it.

  6. yikes. MEGA YIKES!!! what the heck was that guy doing?
    Just creepy. blech

  7. Wow, what a day Meg. I'm glad the cops in your town were so great. Who knows, maybe you can write this into a story. The cop could make a great hero and I know you could write him up as a very yummy cop.

    LOL. I just noticed the title of you Blaze. How Ironic. "Caught On Camera". Careful what you name the next one.

  8. Donna—um, yeah. Both titles! I was indeed a reluctant nude, possibly caught on camera. How very self-fulfilling!

  9. Wow, MM, just catching up on your news. That is super gross...and sort of like a watered down beginning to Law&Order: SVU. ;-) Glad all is resolved and the officer was a decent dude. Take care of yourself!