Monday, February 7, 2011

Gasp! Angry Birds Seasons update: Valentine's!

The flouncy get-up doesn't detract from 
how constipated the birds often appear.
Hey, there's a new Angry Birds Seasons update out now—Valentine's Day! Available for both Apple and Droid. At first the fact that all the birds have been feminized with eyelashes and blush and bows seemed a bit patronizing, but then I decided they were just in drag. I mean, the egg-laying bird isn't normally feminine-looking, so this must be a flamboyant cross-dressing transformation. That, or I'm too focused on makeup this month. Or, I'm thinking way too hard about animated birds. Either way, go forth and download!

I haven't dug into it yet (I still have a bunch of regular Angry Birds levels to catch up on) but apparently this update includes a special Super Bowl-themed level…please please please, validate my Superb Owl fixation! Frankly, I'm already dying to see what Easter brings, given how contentious the whole egg-poaching issue is for those guys.

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