Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy New Year!

I came home from a family New Year's party around two a.m. to some unexpected but very welcome news in my inbox. My Samhain editor had written to offer me a contract for another romance, called Trespass—my eleventh sale right on the cusp of 2011. She'd sent the e-mail on December 31, but I received it on January 1, so it was either a happy cap on the end of 2010 or a fortuitous start to the new year. I'll go with both. I think I better wait to celebrate though, as I can still feel last night's champagne pumping where my blood ought to be.

I also gained about four pounds in pure cheese at that party, so good thing it's Gymuary, day one! Let Discipline Year begin! The only catch is that I don't actually know if my gym is open today, which would be a bit of a false start to my plan to go every single day this month… But still, I got up and put on a jog bra, and later I will walk to my gym to literally fulfill my plan to "go to the gym", even if it's locked when I arrive.


The gym was open, and it was hoppin'! I guess people are eager to make good on those fitness resolutions, as every single elliptical machine was being used, which is very abnormal. I'd hoped to snag one to ease my hungover self gently into Gymuary, but alas. I ran for a half hour on a treadmill instead and sweated mightily, and wine-pickled or not I did not fall off or pass out. Actually I think it squeezed all the party toxins from my system, as I feel much better now.

So Gymuary Day One—check.


  1. Ha I like your name Gymuary. I think I will use it too. Glad you got off to a good start. I'm on my way to work out now. I'm hoping if there were crowds earlier, everybody's gone home by now. Congrats on the new sale and just wanted to let you know I read Willing Victim by your alter ego last month and thoroughly enjoyed it! Looking to read more from you in the future

  2. Good girl. I went to the gym this morning expecting to see new faces for amateur month but I was ALONE there. Had a great workout.

  3. Well done on the gymmage, ladies! And thanks for the kind words about Willing Victim, BPB! Happy New Year!