Saturday, January 8, 2011

Snowy Saturday Whatnots

It's a lazy, snowy Saturday. It's also day eight of Gymuary and I must confess, I feel it. I'm now over a week in and the experiment is more than a quarter complete. Between the running and elliptical machines, Zumba, and yoga, I feel as spring loaded as I did back when I practiced Taekwondo. My body's starting to change shape, if I'm not mistaken. That wasn't the point of Gymuary, merely a side effect, but I won't complain. On the flip side, I'm at a point where I groan like an eighty-year-old when I get out of bed. Not sports-injury bad, but distinctly sore. They're pains of accomplishment, so I welcome them…though I do move slower in the mornings than I did a couple of weeks ago.

But step aside, Gymuary. Make room for Januquery!

So in equally painful and sweaty news, I've officially begun my search for a literary agent. I'm going about it slowly, one query at the time, perhaps five queries a month. A Twitter friend and fellow Blaze author recommended I query her agent, who represents both category and single-title romance, and she even gave her agent a heads-up about me. What a doll! So I'll be starting there in the next few days, once my all-time favorite manuscript's partial is freshly polished and its synopsis whittled down by about 200 words. Gah. If there's anything worse than writing a synopsis, it's shortening one you already slaved to construct. I did get my query drafted and synopsis shortened considerably this morning, so I just need to keep the momentum up.

I haven't queried agents in over a year, and I will admit, I've been putting it off. I'm still a new writer, and I'm intimidated. I don't tend to write high concept books, so I'm very easy to reject. I've had my fair share of rejections and I'm a big girl about them, but they still hurt. Especially when it's my favorite thing I've written, as this manuscript is. But like my 5K time goal for the end of the month, no pain no gain. If I don't get a-queryin', I won't ever be able to share the good news of finding the right agent. Funny how that works.

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