Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thrusty Thursday: Tina Fey

Several months ago it was suggested to me by the #1 Fun Blog's Special Correspondent Mike Myers (special because he can pee standing up) that I ought to consider thrusting against a woman one of these weeks. Alrighty then! You got it. The thrusting will be more platonic than it might be toward, say, Vincent Regan, but I'm game.

There is really only one choice for the inaugural lady-thrustin'. Tina Fey. Or more specifically, Liz Lemon. If you enjoy comedy and haven't seen 30 Rock, you are truly doing yourself a disservice. It's a great sitcom (no laugh track, hallelujah) that's stayed incredibly consistent in tone and quality for the past five seasons (and every single one of those seasons is on Nexflix Instant Watcher, incidentally).

For the uninitiated, Tina Fey plays comedy writer Liz Lemon, a character who is equal parts Cathy (of the infamous comic strip) and Mary Richards (of the Mary Tyler Moore Show). She is impossibly flawed, but in wonderful, atypical, original ways for a female TV character…she eats cheese late at night, she drunk-dials her prospective condo association board, she makes terrible romantic choices, she is petty, mean, pathetic, hopeless, conniving, hypocritical, weak, and lazy, yet you can't help but love her. It's really rather remarkable. In fact, I suspect 30 Rock may be the only show I can think of wherein I'm more excited for a certain female character's scenes than a male's. I can even forgive that the audience is supposed to overlook Tina Fey's rather striking good looks and believe that Liz Lemon is a fairly average woman, physically. For everything else 30 Rock delivers, I will happily buy in to that fantasy.

As I've said before, I find few things more endearing than when someone is unafraid to be seen at their most unflattering—making weird faces, owning up to bodily functions, generally being a flawed human being. And so I'll leave you all with this, the genius of Tina Fey, montaged:

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  1. LEMON!!!!

    I heart Liz Lemon so much, and I heart you for posting this. I lol'd many times while watching this, for real. And I think Tina Fey in all her various manifestations (with one notable red-state exception) is definitely thrustworthy! And I don't just say that because I am bi and she is hot!

    Okay, wait, that's probably exactly why I say that...