Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Goal Within a Goal

First off, God love you if you're still following these posts. I know there are few things more boring than listening to someone tell you about how they went to the gym, so I dread to think how much worse reading about it must be. It's even more boring than hearing about people's dreams, so bless you. I promise February will be better, as you'll get to watch me suffer through a whole month without makeup.

But anyhow, today was day five of Gymuary. My evil conjoined erotica-writing twin has a release out today (not a plug—don't read her book, it's filthy and full of swears and naughty bits being ground together) and was driving me up the wall with her spastic lack of concentration, so heading to the Y for a good brain-wiping workout was just the ticket. I decided to set a little goal within my greater Gymuary goal. Since it's January 5, I ran a 5K on the treadmill. Then, on January 31, I'll run another 3.1 miles (that's how far 5K is, if you didn't know) and I'll see if I can top today's time.

I'd hoped to run it in under 30 minutes, which was a bit of challenge as I underestimated how, um, effective a workout Zumba is. Dude, my ass was grass. But, with the help of a lung-bursting final quarter mile…

Today's 5K time—29:31
That's an average speed of 6.4 miles an hour.

My goal for January 31—28:30 (or better)
That'd be an average speed of just under 6.6 mph. Doesn't sound like a huge leap, but I'm pretty sure it'll suck. Which is good. Fitness goals always suck while you're meeting them, though they do rule afterward.

Now, must shower.


  1. Awesome job and good for you! I'm more of a distance running kinda girl - could care less about speed so just thinking of 6.5 gives me the hives. :)

    I started at a new yoga/pilates place this past Sat. and holy shmoley it's kicking my butt.

  2. I envy your distance, SS—the farthest I've ever run is 5.25 miles and that was only because I got runners high and was listening to a really interesting [read: dirty] and extra-long episode of the Savage Lovecast. As for Pilates…I went to my first class after a multi-year lapse a month or so ago, and for the next two days I would literally groan as I pushed myself out of bed. Crazy how many muscles that old Dr. Pilates managed to discover.