Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thrusty Thursday: Adam Levine

Full disclosure: I really know very little about musician Adam Levine. Google tells me he's the frontman for Maroon 5, a band I'm fairly sure I'd recognize at least one single by…do the kids still use the term "single"? I also know that he's not Rob Thomas and looks nothing like Rob Thomas, but when I hear "Maroon 5", for some reason I get that Rob Thomas / Santana song in my head.

Is that a velvet suit? Oh rockstars, 
the things you can get away with!
Anyhow, the reason I'm highlighting Adam Levine is that I've been on the digital prowl for foxy, edgy Jewish men. For a book! It's for a book. Needing visual inspiration for a hero I'm just beginning to write, I Googled "hot Jewish men", and you know what? It actually worked. The search returned some rather intimidating photos from such sources as the Men of Israel calendar, but otherwise I got what I was after. Way to go, internet! Adam Levine stood out, as he's got short dark hair, a five o'clock shadow, subdued rockstar dress sense, and arm tattoos, like my hero. Pre-fab muse! Yes, you'll do nicely. And so with that, I must get down to work.


  1. Oh I never knew what he looked like. I have a 13yr old so I feel obligated to listen to the "pop music" so I know what to most effectively embarrass the kid with. Of course he likes Rob Zombie (you haven't see cute until you've seen a toddler in diapers bouncing along to "More Human Than Human"), but I digress... Levine = hottie. Happy Thursday!

  2. [taking studious child-embarrassment notes for potential future maternal uses]