Thursday, January 20, 2011

A thousand times, yes!

I wish I could credit whomever created this infographic, but their identity remains an interwebs mystery. So instead, my thanks to the manfriend, who found this via Reddit, and who is extremely forgiving of my often thinly veiled desire to run away with my Canadian back-up husband Les Stroud.


  1. Girl, I thought you designed that!? Take credit. No need to apologize...I am fully aware of Les Stroud's actual badassness. And yet, Bear taking off this shirt and doing naked push ups is not displeasing to me. As my good friend said, "If I was stranded on a jungle island with a resort and cruise dock, I'd want Bear with me. If I want to actually survive danger, Les is my man."

    And this reminds me that I am working on a blog post incoporating this theme! Keep a look out. ;-)

  2. Well, you're not going to believe this. But I made that. Glad you liked it, almost a year ago :)