Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thrusty Thursday: Andy Whitfield

Foxy as a ye olde asse-kicker, foxy as a civilian. 
If you're a pervert like me, you wish there were just hours and hours of 300 deleted scenes, full of muddy, muscly, stylized men fighting and shouting in ye olde ancient tymes. Well there is! It's called Spartacus: Blood and Sand, a Starz show that premiered in 2010, and is poised to come back for a second season at the end of this month. I just started it last night, and it didn't disappoint. It's mad-gory, but it's that over-the-top digitized gore that's borderline silly…too like a comic book to really make me flinch.

Anyhow, the chief fox is Spartacus, naturally, played in the first season by thirty-eight-year-old Welsh-slash-Australian actor Andy Whitfield. In the early episodes he's got long hair and a beard and a sort of sexy-caveman (or perhaps sexy-Jesus) thing going on, though I wasn't able to find any excellent pictures of this. No matter. He's foxy with short hair as well. If you're super pervy (you know who you are) you will be pleased to know he (and other ancient-times foxes, many with vaguely Antipodean accents) spend much of the show scantily clad and in shackles. Plus, there's a lot of softcore porno going on. Maybe that was just to juice up the pilot episode…but I hope not. It's like butts and boobs and thrustin' every-dag-where. A good show for husbands and wives to watch together, as there's something for everyone! Also, the chicks occasionally get to kick ass alongside the men. Blam!

Bonus: Spartacus is taped in New Zealand, the most thrust-upon-able nation on Earth.

Now for the bad news—Whitfield will not be returning as Spartacus in the second season, as he's currently battling non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Sadness! But don't let that diminish your enjoyment of his thrustability. If you have a Netflix subscription, sign in and click here to go to the Spartacus: Blood and Sand page. All thirteen episodes of season one are available on Instant Watcher, joy of joys.

For a gore-free taste of brutish foxiness, check out this short segment about the show's Gladiator Camp training program:


  1. Geez, you really like those Spartacus-y guys, don't you? And you're trying to take all the rest of us down, too. Well done. And I like his beard, too.

  2. What can I say? I like dudes fighting each other, preferably coated in dirt and sweat. I'm okay with my status as a sexist lady-pig.

  3. Nice, he flips my switch. A little on the lean side, I like 'em bigger & bruisier (screw u spell check is so a word!) but I'm willing to make the sacrifice.

  4. If he's enough to lure you in, there are plenty of biggerier and more bruisier dudes on the show.