Sunday, January 9, 2011

I Cry on a Treadmill

Unimportant facts: it's Gymuary day nine. My body's pretty beat so I decided to just speed walk on the treadmill for forty minutes and catch up on some back podcast episodes of The Archers (the super long-running, super nerdy BBC Radio 4 rural-set soap opera that I accidentally got addicted to about five years ago) whilst fulfilling my promise to go to the gym every day this month.

Important! I finally caught up to the January 2 Archers double-episode. I'm way behind, so this shouldn't be a spoiler for any other listeners. Holy shit! Helen gets preeclampsia during the party at Lower Loxley and the baby is delivered by emergency C-section six weeks early! Oh, the fear! But they're fine! It's a boy! Amy's a hero! Helen and Tony finally reconcile! Hoorays! Then OH MY CRAP! Nigel falls off the roof! And he DIES! Oh, the blood-chilling SCREEEAM! Poor Elizabeth! Poor David, who'll surely be guilt-stricken for pressuring Nigel into getting the stupid sign taken down that night! Poor Lily and Freddie, suddenly fatherless and already prematurely stressed by their own inherited poshness!

So many exclamation points, and I am not an exclamatory person!!!

And don't think I'm above crying on a treadmill at the YMCA in front of two dozen relative strangers. Then I had to walk home across the icy sidewalks in bitter winter wind, trying not to slip and fall myself…oh, the trauma! This will take some time to recover from. And to think I'd been so eager to see where Fallon and Harry's romance might be heading… Oh Ambridge, you surely do know how to kick off a new year.


  1. Did your tears freeze on the way home? Did any old-timers at the Y ask if you were okay? I don't know anything about that show you're watching, but I think I better avoid it like the plague. I have a problem crying at McDonald's commercials.

    Hope you are feeling better! :)

  2. Aww, you're sweet, PW. My tears were understated, so luckily no one was moved to console me at the gym. And it's actually a radio soap opera. It's been on the air for sixty years now on Radio 4 in UK (I listen to the podcast version). Very dorky yet addictive.