Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Gymuary FAIL

So I mentioned yesterday that I did something to my left leg while running balls-out on the treadmill. Well, by the time I went to bed, it was feeling pretty normal again. This morning, still normal. Then I went out and got groceries (there's a blizzard a-comin'!) and while I was lugging the bags up the front stairwell, I felt it again. A certain not-right-ness in my shin. Carrying the extra weight made my leg's unhappiness perfectly plain. So I am fessing up now, I'm not going to the gym today. Better to be a slacker than a dimwit, better to perhaps make it up later in the month than to go today out of stubbornness and risk really wonking myself up and spending the rest of Gymuary in traction. So there, I've confessed. I'll try to make it up by doing a double shift—perhaps some cardio following a yoga class—in the coming weeks, but for now, rational choices need to outweigh anal-retentive persistence. Not my usual m.o., but maybe there's an unforeseen lesson to be extracted in this first month of the Discipline Year experiments: I am capable of not crippling myself for the sake of fulfilling arbitrary commitments. Wow, I feel so grown up. Now where's my Advil…


  1. Hey - all is not lost! Maybe you can fit in some chair exercises. http://www.ehow.com/video_5948283_chair-exercises-seniors.html

  2. Oh yes, Miss Smarty Butt. Just let me perfect my eye-roll exercises first.

  3. Yikes! Take care of yourself...there's only one you....!