Monday, January 10, 2011


Gymuary day ten, and the inevitable has come to pass. Little Miss Overachiever-Pants pushed too hard and hurt herself. Not badly, nothing grievous…but my left shin, ankle, and knee are not amused. It wasn't a super crazy workout. Half hour on the elliptical, then my beloved ten-minute sprint-fest on the treadmill. I did awesomely, injury nowithstanding…two solid minutes at 7.5 mph, an overall average speed of 6.8. Blazzow! But clearly, I shouldn't be celebrating. In fact as soon as I get the laundry in the dryer I promise I'm going to pop a few Advil and head to bed to elevate my leg and while I self-edit a sub. My left knee has a history of being a prima donna, so at least I know what to do. Looks like Gymuary's about to turn into Swimuary, at least until my leg gives me the all-clear. If anyone catches me tweeting or posting about doing anything aside from swimming or gentle yoga for the rest of the week, feel free to lambaste me in all caps.

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