Monday, January 3, 2011

Sugar Rush, Humble Pie

It's Gymuary, day three! Nearly ten percent done with this first of the twelve month-long experiments comprising Discipline Year. I took it fairly easy today—forty minutes on the elliptical while I caught up with a bunch of Archers podcasts. I did a lot of it in the backward motion and now my butt feels funny. Good funny. Burned about five hundred calories if you count the walk to and from, and just in time. Waiting for me when I got home was my pen pal Gerry's Christmas package from New Zealand, and it was stuffed with Almond Gold bars of various sizes—my favorite Kiwi candy bar, which he sends me dutifully a few times a year. I ate about a quarter pound's worth just now. That may even be an underestimation, sad but true. Very dangerous to get candy in the mail when your body's begging for carbs.

Also from the pen pal, this excellent retro Kiwi tee-shirt.
So tomorrow I've resolved to finally go to my first real group Zumba class, whether I'm prepared or not. I attended an intro class a month ago and did a few sessions with DVDs, but a large part of me is still suffering from the old fear of looking foolish, unable to keep up. That class moves quick and they won't explain the steps as they did in the intro. But Gymuary for me is more about intention and follow-through than getting in shape. I'm already in reasonably decent shape, a shape that demands a level of maintenance I know I can comfortably fit into my life. This month is simply about making the decision to go each and every day, and doing what I set out to. And, trying new things and stepping out of my comfort zone. So, ready or not, I'm off to Zumba tomorrow, bright and early. More than likely, since it's resolution time, I won't be the only amateur fumbling through the steps. Plus it's not like anything bad will happen if I do look like as asshole in a class full of perky experts. No one will point or laugh, and I'll end the session a bit better at it, and bit less intimidated for the next one. So there but for the gracelessness of my legs go I.


  1. You're going to do great at Zumba! My mom used to go and loved I think you will ace it too. ;-) Looking forward to your posts during the no makeup month. Shudder, how can you do it?! I never could.

  2. I know, I'm dreading that one a bit, but I think it'll be good to realize I do still exist as a woman, even sans mascara and concealer. I'm even planning on posting three pictures—me makeupless; me in moderate day-to-day makeup (concealer under my eyes plus mascara and blush); and me in full-on, night-on-the-town fare.